Beer Bites

When pairing food and beer, let your palate be your guide. There are so many great choices and no pairings are completely off limits. The important thing is to savor and enjoy each one.

All of our beers are made with the finest malted barley and hops from the best growing region in Germany with no rice or corn. The Krausening process adds natural carbonation to cleanse the palate and cut oiliness. The sweetness of our malts soothes spiciness, and hops counteract richness and sweetness. These qualities make our beers a beautiful choice to go with a variety of foods from cheeses to entrees to desserts.  

One guideline in pairing food with beers is to match intensities. Clean, crisp Tin Mill Skyscraper is great with chicken or fish. Our Hefe-Weisen is a refreshing choice with tempura or fried foods.  Strongly flavored foods call for strongly favored beer. Bigger beers work better with desserts.  Try our Tin Mill Dopplebock float with a chocolate dessert on the side. Coffee flavored desserts pair well with Dopplebock as well.

  • Tin Mill Dopplebock Float
    Pour Dopplebock, add two scoops of vanilla ice cream, stir, and enjoy.  

You can also go for contrast in planning a menu. Think spicy and sweet.  Bitter (coming from hops) balances sweetness. Pair a spicy beer with creamy strong-flavored blue cheese. Our Maibock is excellent with the sweetness of lobster and other seafoods. Tin Mill Pilsner has enough hops in it to pair well with a triple-creme cheese.

For multi-courses, start with the light beers and work your way to the stronger flavored beers.   

Look for additional food pairings and great recipes soon

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