Midnight Whistle

“A full-bodied dark beer with a malty aroma and a well-balanced blend of roasted malts and hops.”

  • Typically a winter beer, due to its popularity, we have been brewing Midnight Whistle all year long.  We hand roast the malts in small batches for a heartier flavor. This full-bodied beer is for beer drinkers who want to experience everything a beer has to offer.
  • Food Pairings — Our dark Midnight Whistle stands up to your heartiest beef stews, pot roasts, and winter meals.  Serve it after dinner with a chocolate or coffee flavored dessert.  Even make a milkshake or float.
  • Brewermaster Note — The malt used in our Midnight Whistle is roasted just like a coffee bean. I love it with chocolate or any dessert. Beats coffee for an evening night cap.

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