First Street Wheat

“An unfiltered wheat beer with a blend of sweetness and wheat flavor followed by a dry finish.”

  • Another year round favorite, Frist Street Wheat is an unfiltered wheat beer bursting with unique flavors. You may pick up hints of clove, banana and even a little vanilla. Cloudier than our other beers because it is unfiltered, our First Street Wheat's low bitterness level allows all its flavors to shine.
  • Food Pairings —  A simple classic with warm pretzel bread and dark mustard,  Unfiltered First Street Wheat also goes nicely with fried food or tempura without overwhelming the flavors.  Pair it with fried shrimp, chicken, soft-shell crab, or viener schnitzel for a feast.
  • Brewermaster Note — We use 60% German Wheat in our First Street Wheat. Most US Wheat Beers use only 10 to 40% wheat. Missouri law calls for 25% wheat in a wheat beer; no problem here.

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