Red Caboose

“A rich, copper-colored beer with a pleasant hoppiness that enhances the rich malt flavor.”

  • Available from early spring through late summer, Tin Mill Red Caboose is an amber beer that nicely balances malt and hops. This is a great beer for someone just starting to get a taste of Micro-Brews.
  • Food Pairings —  Malty Red Caboose and shellfish make a sweet pair. So enjoy it with shrimp, crab dip, lobster, or steamed mussels.  Roasted pork is another great entrée pairing. Or for dessert, match an amber colored Red Caboose with a slice of carrot cake.    
  • Brewermaster Note — This is one of our most popular beers. The maltiness balances just a touch of bitterness for a smooth, drinkable beer.

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