Tin Mill beers are proudly crafted by brewers, Derek LeRoy & Alex Smith, in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516, the code that still governs beer making in Germany today. 

The barley we use is grown and malted in Germany and comes from some of the best barley fields in the world. Our hops come from the renowned Hallertau Region of Germany, an hour north of Munich.

Year Round Brews
- Skyscraper A premium German style pilsner with a mild malt flavor and a clean crisp finish…
- First Street Wheat Our Hefe-Weizen is an unfiltered wheat beer bursting with unique flavors...
- Red Caboose A classic amber lager that features a smooth maltiness...
- Midnight Whistle Our take on a classic German dark dopplebock. Features soft notes of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla...

On Tap Now:
We have 20 taps at the brewery and the lineup is ever-changing. We'll try to keep this list as updated as possible.  

  • Chipotle Lime Rauchbier
  • IPL (Hoppy Lager featuring Simcoe, Nugget & Citra hops)
  • Altbier (Medium German Brown Ale)
  • Calvin's 1836 Authentic Rootbeer 
  • Hoppy Vienna Lager
  • Stout
  • Cranberry Radler
  • Cider
  • Morning Whistle (Doppelbock & Coffee fusion)
  • Barrel-Aged Stout
  • Pinckney Bend's Signature Gin & Tonic (Locally made gin & tonic syrup)


“A premium German Style Pilsner with a mild malt flavor and a clean, crisp finish.”

Available year round, Skyscraper is a premium German style pilsner with a mild malt flavor and a clean crisp finish. Made with all barley and no rice or corn, Skyscraper beer is cold lagered for nearly 6 weeks.

Food Pairings —Light, clean and crisp, Skyscraper pairs perfectly with mild creamy cheeses, salty chips and light appetizers. For the main course, enjoy it with grilled chicken or fish to balance but not overwhelm the flavors of the meal.

Brewmaster Notes —Our cold, slow lagering process is used by only a handful of small brewers in the United States. If you are ready to try a crisp, clean beer that epitomizes the German style of brewing, this is the one.



“A Rich, Copper-Colored Beer With A Pleasant Hoppiness That Enhances The Rich Malt Flavor.”

Available from early spring through late summer, Tin Mill Red Caboose is an amber beer that nicely balances malt and hops. This is a great beer for someone just starting to get a taste of Micro-Brews.

Food Pairings — Malty Red Caboose and shellfish make a sweet pair. So enjoy it with shrimp, crab dip, lobster, or steamed mussels. Roasted pork is another great entrée pairing. Or for dessert, match an amber colored Red Caboose with a slice of carrot cake.

Brewermaster Note — This is one of our most popular beers. The maltiness balances just a touch of bitterness for a smooth, drinkable beer.



“An Unfiltered Wheat Beer With A Blend Of Sweetness And Wheat Flavor Followed By A Dry Finish.”

Another year round favorite, Frist Street Wheat is an unfiltered wheat beer bursting with unique flavors. You may pick up hints of clove, banana and even a little vanilla. Cloudier than our other beers because it is unfiltered, our First Street Wheat's low bitterness level allows all its flavors to shine.

Food Pairings — A simple classic with warm pretzel bread and dark mustard, Unfiltered First Street Wheat also goes nicely with fried food or tempura without overwhelming the flavors. Pair it with fried shrimp, chicken, soft-shell crab, or viener schnitzel for a feast.

Brewermaster Note — We use 60% German Wheat in our First Street Wheat. Most US Wheat Beers use only 10 to 40% wheat. Missouri law calls for 25% wheat in a wheat beer; no problem here.



“A Full-Bodied Dark Beer With A Malty Aroma And A Well-Balanced Blend Of Roasted Malts And Hops.” 

Typically a winter beer, due to its popularity, we have been brewing Midnight Whistle all year long. We hand roast the malts in small batches for a heartier flavor. This full-bodied beer is for beer drinkers who want to experience everything a beer has to offer.

Food Pairings — Our dark Midnight Whistle stands up to your heartiest beef stews, pot roasts, and winter meals. Serve it after dinner with a chocolate or coffee flavored dessert. Even make a milkshake or float.

Brewermaster Note — The malt used in our Midnight Whistle is roasted just like a coffee bean. I love it with chocolate or any dessert. Beats coffee for an evening night cap.



“A medium-bodied beer with a smooth balance of rich, malty sweetness and low hop bitterness.”

A beer-drinkers beer, our hearty Oktoberfest packs a punch. Available from early September through Christmas, we use a blend of Pilsner and Munich malts for darker color and a maltier taste. The alcohol content is higher than our other beers and the increased malt is balanced with a bit more bitterness.

Food Pairings — Round out a great German Sausage Platter or Jaegersnitzel with this beer for Oktoberfest all fall. Any sausage, stew, or chili pairs well with our hearty but crisp Oktoberfest.

Brewmaster Note —The aroma from the brew kettle is wonderful and it stays with the beer all the way to the bottle or keg. Dark Munich malts create the hearty flavor and a few extra hops balance the malt. Make sure you have a designated driver!



Amber: Describes medium intensity colored beers, ranging between pale and dark.
Balance: Describes how a beer exhibits a perfect balance of ingredients, bouquet, texture and aroma.
Bitterness: Generally the higher the hop content, the more bitter the beer.
“Big” Beer: Refers to the richness or fullness of flavor derived from the malt.
Body: As with wine, refers to the “mouthfeel,” the impact and texture of the beer on the palate.
Bouquet: Another wine tasting term, describes the beer’s complex aromas.
Caramel: Refers to a buttery, toffee-flavored aftertaste.
Clean: Refers to pure, crisp, fresh tasting beer, free of sediment.
Clove: Refers to wheat beers that resemble the taste of cloves.
Crisp: Refers to a beer’s acidity and refreshing qualities.
Depth: Denotes both the beer’s richness and its complexity of flavors.
Finish: Describes a beer’s aftertaste and your final impression of it.
Flowery: Refers to the flowery aroma hops give beer.
Full-bodied: Characterizes malty beers with complex flavors.
Haze: Caused by yeast or protein suspension, refers to a cloudy appearance and slightly musty taste.
Hoppy: Refers to a beer with a high hop content.
Malty: The term for sweet, smoky, earthy flavored beers that have undertones of caramel or molasses.
Smooth: Characterizes easy drinking beers with great mouthfeel.
Spicy: Refers to a distinctly hoppy flavor or the aroma of herbs.
Thin: Refers to a watery, one-dimensional beer that lacks body or character.



Light beers first
Less hoppy or roasty beers first
Have an idea of what to expect (ask brewery to describe beer)
Concentrate when tasting, then discuss
Take breaks
Don’t drink too much; dump excess


1. Aroma – Experience the Aroma.

  • Many aromas escape rapidly.
  • Take short little sniffs (don’t try too hard).
  • Swirl your glass to revive aromas.
  • What does the aroma remind you of?
  • Try to tease out single scents.
  • Come back to it.

2. Appearance – Examine Clarity, Carbonation and the Beer Head.

3. Flavor – Enjoy a Taste!

Taste is by far the most subjective and important factor when evaluating a beer.

Finally … note the overall beer body, texture, finish and aftertaste.

Take special notice of the orchestration of balance between hop bitterness and malt sweetness:
Malt Sweetness

  • Caramel
  • Toffee
  • Nutty
  • Roasty
  • Toasty
  • Grainy
  • Malty
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate

Hop Bitterness

  • Herbal
  • Flowery (roses, geraniums)
  • Piney
  • Spicy
  • Resiny
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit


When pairing food and beer, let your palate be your guide. There are so many great choices and no pairings are completely off limits. The important thing is to savor and enjoy each one. 

All of our beers are made with the finest malted barley and hops from the best growing region in Germany with no rice or corn. The Krausening process adds natural carbonation to cleanse the palate and cut oiliness. The sweetness of our malts soothes spiciness, and hops counteract richness and sweetness. These qualities make our beers a beautiful choice to go with a variety of foods from cheeses to entrees to desserts.  

One guideline in pairing food with beers is to match intensities. Clean, crisp Tin Mill Skyscraper is great with chicken or fish. Our Hefe-Weisen is a refreshing choice with tempura or fried foods.  Strongly flavored foods call for strongly favored beer. Bigger beers work better with desserts.  Try our Tin Mill Dopplebock float with a chocolate dessert on the side. Coffee flavored desserts pair well with Dopplebock as well.

Tin Mill Dopplebock Float
Pour Dopplebock, add two scoops of vanilla ice cream, stir, and enjoy.  
You can also go for contrast in planning a menu. Think spicy and sweet.  Bitter (coming from hops) balances sweetness. Pair a spicy beer with creamy strong-flavored blue cheese. Our Maibock is excellent with the sweetness of lobster and other seafoods. Tin Mill Pilsner has enough hops in it to pair well with a triple-creme cheese.

For multi-courses, start with the light beers and work your way to the stronger flavored beers.   

Look for additional food pairings and great recipes soon


Sweet & Smoky
Made specially for us with a generous portion of our Tin Mill Dopplebock beer … delicious!

Available at Dierbergs grocery stores, Hermannhof Winery, and, of course, at the brewery!